eSports in talks to join Olympic Games

By Laura Daly and Isla Stanich

Video gamers probably aren’t what most people picture when they think of Olympic athletes, but competitive gamers could soon be competing for gold.

The International Olympic Committee is in talks with the e-gaming industry, and they’re liking what they see with virtual reality games, and could be a medal event in the future.

eSports could soon considered an Olympic event alongside traditional professional sports. Credit: juliemichas Creative Commons

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Labor promises more funding for TAFE Queensland ahead of election

By Laura Daly

Today on the campaign trail the Australian Labor Party has promised more money to vocational education and TAFE facilities.

Deputy leader of the ALP Tanya Plibersek announced a $40 million plan to build a new campus at North Lakes.

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Welfare recipients plan protests against the LNP’s cardless cash

By Laura Daly and Liam Lo Grande

Trials of the cashless debit card (CDC) for welfare recipients may be causing trouble for the federal government, with protests scheduled across the country to resist the project.

The initiative, currently being trialed by the coalition, aims at “reducing social harm” by stopping welfare recipients from betting, buying alcohol, or withdrawing more than 20 percent of the payment as cash.

The CDC is a trial program where welfare payments are put onto a debit card, which can’t purchase alcohol, make bets, or withdraw more than 20% cash. Credit: Creative Commons

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Qantas world first with waste-free flight

By Laura Daly and Isla Stanich

Qantas has completed the world’s first-ever “zero waste” flight, setting an example for other airlines and the rest of the world.

Plastic waste is a crisis threatening the survival of ecosystems, wildlife and the health of humans around the globe.

Qantas has completed the first waste-free flight with a domestic trip from Sydney to Adelaide. Credit: Brian Yap (葉 Creative Commons

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Big bans on big boats: Marine activists warn against super-trawlers

By Laura Daly and Dominic Elsome

Ban them, or they will come – that’s the warning from the Australian Marine Conservation Society in a new report on the threat posed by foreign-owned super-trawlers.

Marine experts are warning of the dangers of super-trawlers on the environment. Credit: Barry Lewis Creative Commons

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Election Special 2019: QUT TV News

In this Election Special, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke has died aged 89. Tributes have been pouring in all day.

The election has become a fight over the best plan for the economy and who will put more cash in your wallet.

We take a look at the seats to watch, the role of young voters and a key election issue – climate change.

Other issues include NDIS, the gender balance in politics and the role of social media.

This special edition of QUT News is brought to you by Daniele Antonaglia, Tom Copley and Leanne Nebe.

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Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke dies aged 89

On the eve of voting we have a special bulletin on the election. But first, news about one of Australia’s greatest politicians. Bob Hawke, Australia’s 23rd Prime Minister and Labor Party legend, has died at the age of 89.

Georgie Hewson reports.

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Tributes pour in for former PM Bob Hawke

Australians of all persuasions are mourning the passing of the Labor stalwart, Bob Hawke. There has been an outpouring of tributes.

Tim Lofthouse reports.

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Election Special: Election Moments

A marathon election campaign now comes to a close. Let’s look back at the moments which had us talking at QUT News.

Max Eagles reports.

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Election Special: Final Day

Australians are about to vote in another Prime Minister, and polls show he could be from Labor too. Bill Shorten has a two per cent lead over Scott Morrison, and they both need last minute votes.

Isla Stanich reports.

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