Diggers embrace digital donations this Anzac Day

In a hurry? don’t worry! Tap and Donate this Anzac Day!

By Leia Comegna

Members of the Royal Australian Air Force encouraging community members to donate and purchase. Photo by Leia Comegna

Members of the Royal Australian Air Force encouraging community members to donate and purchase.
Photo by Leia Comegna

RSL Queensland’s annual ANZAC Appeal Ambush in central Brisbane is taking a new approach this Anzac Day.

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Central Queensland doctors can now get the training they need closer to home

Qld Ambulance Service

Rural Queensland is getting specialised medical training facilities. Photo credit: Neil Noble

Written by Bridgette Vanderwolf, prepared for online by Holly Parkinson.

New training hubs are giving doctors opportunities to create better relationships in rural areas.

University initiatives and dedicated health practices are providing a much-needed link for rural and regional Queenslanders accessing healthcare.

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Queensland Greens say a firearms advisory council will only lead to weaker gun laws

Senator Lee Rhiannon says a firearms advisory council is dangerous. Photo source: flickr, Green MPs

Written by Teagan Matthews, prepared for online by Holly Parkinson.

Home affairs minister Peter Dutton has suggested giving gun lobbies a seat at the table to advise the government on firearms policy.

However, Greens gun control spokeswoman Senator Lee Rhiannon calls the suggestion dangerous, saying it will encourage weaker gun laws.

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A radical new plan could see the end of rental bonds

Bond cover could replace cash bonds, saving renters thousands

Written by Anna McGraw, prepared by Holly Parkinson.

In Australia, there is more than $4 billion tied up in rental bonds, but Australian bond cover provider, Snug, plans to replace bonds with ‘bond insurance’.

Snug’s bond cover lets renters get their bond back in exchange for a small fee, which they say could potentially cost ten times less than regular bonds, saving renters thousands.

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QUT TV News – Tuesday 24 April 2018

In this bulletin, Work is well underway on one of Brisbane’s biggest road upgrades. Today, the Lord Mayor inspected progress on the 650-million dollar Kingsford Smith Drive project.

The Premier promised a renewed emphasis on ‘reading’ even before kids start school.

It’s 100 years since one of the most devastating events of the First World War – the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux. The centenary should boost crowds at ANZAC Day commemorations across the nation.

And you might not know it, but tomorrow is World Penguin Day and celebrations have already kicked off at Seaworld.

This edition of QUT News is brought to you by Madison Scott, Charlotte Tully and Ria Bhagat.

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Residents in revolt over Wavell Heights townhouse plan

Construction Crane

By Grant Hayes, produced for Online by Naveen Razik.

A group of Brisbane residents are demanding Council shut down a proposed townhouse development, which they say is exploiting a planning loophole.

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Fisherman discharged from hospital after close encounter with deadly octopus

A Blue Ringed Octopus in the water

A Blue Ringed Octopus, similar to the one seen off Lady Musgrave Island. Photo: Elias Levy

by Max Eagles, produced for Online by Naveen Razik.

A lucky fisherman has been discharged from hospital after a close encounter with a deadly blue-ringed octopus near the Great Barrier Reef.

The 21-year-old was bitten on the finger while raising a crab pot onto a fishing boat off Lady Musgrave Island, around 115 kilometres east of Gladstone.

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Ipswich house prices set to explode following multi-billion dollar defence deal

A Boxer Tank on display

An example of the Boxer Tank to be constructed in Ipswich under the new deal. Photo: Graham Robson Parker

By Lauren Reddiex, produced for online by Naveen Razik

Homeowners will have 211 armoured high-tech vehicles to thank for an expected property price bonanza in Ipswich.

New research from Riskwise Property Research has rated Ipswich as an ideal city for home buyers and investors, with house prices only expected to grow in the wake of a recently signed five billion dollar defence contract.

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Organics industry shocked by Government’s plans for forced chemical sprays

By Alice Sinclair, produced for online by Jessica Riga

Australia’s organic growers and wholesalers are fighting the Federal Government after they were left in the lurch following a proposal for compulsory chemical treatments on imported seeds.

The proposed reforms include imposing mandatory fungicide treatments on imported seeds in the brassica family, including popular dinnertime favourites such as broccoli and cauliflower.

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Australia’s youngest-ever Senator wants teens at the polling booths

Missing voters

By Thomas McLaughlin, produced for online by Jessica Riga

23-year-old Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John will introduce a bill into parliament allowing citizens as young as 16 to vote.
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